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You will be able to go through an infinity of roads and routes to approach the north face of Montserrat, there with trams following the  Camí de Sant Jaume , the  Camí Ignasià and Camí Oliba(GR151) Fer the route of the romànic or els camins de cursa de muntanya  Transenyera . Also pots to consult them  Peu routes available from ca la Julita .



Climbers' paradise is to touch. The immensity of the walls of Montserrat cannot be left indifferent, accompanied by the guides of  La Sargantana . I also hi ha diverse vies ferrades, with the  Cinglera of the Resistent . And the Torrent equips “Acontratorrent”.

Routes to caval

A passeig a caval? Els nostres veïns de  Natural Hippic  They will accompany and show the greatest face of the mountain: the Pla del Masroig. An experience that you will not force.


Tastos i maridatges de vins

S'ofereixen tastos i maridatges de vins per grups reduïts amb sommeliers de la comarca, vins de la DO Pla de Bages i formatges km. 0


Gastronomic visits

Conèixer the process of elaboration of the popular slaughter of Montserrat at the Cal Pujolet workshop  or be els ecològics d' Artelac formats . You will also visit the workshop of the xocolater Enric Rovira . Te'n lleparàs els dits.

Routes with BTT

Roads and highways wait for you!

Our friends from: Tracks de Bacus , Rutes Silvia Rovira i Guiesbtt , bring bikes and propose guided routes that can include DO Bages wine tasting.

You can also get electric bikes at 365Store -Manresa. 
I ens pots consult them
  bike routes available from ca la Julita .

cultural heritage

Castellbell i el Vilar is one of the municipalities with a  Cultural Heritage  more extension It stands out especially for the large number of barraques of dry stone and forns of calç. The molí de l'Alzina, intact and in operation since the s. XVI and the museum of the Mas del Puig pagesia. 


In Castellbell and el Vilar you will find centenarian shops with high-quality products. The botigues are:  Cal Tofol  i Cal Riera, specializing in casserole botits. You will also find a botiga of menjar per emportar,  Home Fet .  



Ben apropos trobareu restaurants that offer traditional and now innovative cuisine, made with Km0 products. I can taste   typical desserts from the surroundings of the Muntanya de Montserrat, such as the "Matto". We recommend:

Can Ferreroles ,  Cal Jepet ,  Cal James  ,  Can Font  i  The Casot .

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